The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is like no other place on earth. It was once an in-land sea eons ago. We came into it from the west and that was a stretch of land 40 miles long where absolutely nothing grows. It was more a lunar landscape than and earthly one.


  1. In the late 70s my family and I lived in Salt Lake City. Our home was north of downtown and high enough up a hill to overlook the Great Salt Lake. The sunsets were unbelievably beautiful, gleaming off the salt, water, and mountains.

    It was possible to drive about 15 minutes over a causeway to Antelope island, a large island that had buffalo roaming free. As you say, it felt like a moonscape.

    The Great Salt Lake has a fascinating history. What is there today is just the remains of what was so large it would have covered where the city sits today.


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